Glazing Specifications

All Rooflight Architectural Rooflights are supplied with Safety Glass sealed units. As standard these are composed of: 6mm Clear Toughened outer skin 12mm Cavity 6.4mm Clear Laminated Low ‘E’ inner skin. This standard specification gives an excellent balance of Strength, Thermal Efficiency and Cost. These units are very strong, the laminated glass being utilised as a ‘holding’ element in the unlikely event of the exterior Toughened pane being broken, the Laminated pane will hold the glazing in place.

Other glazing options:

  • SDouble Glaze 1.1 U Valve
  • Triple Glaze 0.6 U Valve
  • Self Cleaning Glass
  • Walk On Glass Rooflights
  • Glass Fins For Oversized & Structural Requirements