Rooflight General Specifications

Our Rooflights are constructed using mechanical methods at butt joints, assembling using stainless steel self-tapping screws into integral screw ports extruded into the body of the sections, directly through square cut adjoining component parts.

A proprietary sealant is used on all metal to metal joints and gasket to gasket joints during assembly in line with good practice.

Vertical sections are designed to run through which enables individual panels to be made separately and assembled on site for large or multi-panel frames.
Optional shear blocks are available for joint and sectional reinforcing or expansion joints and larger spans, over 1200mm

Rooflight Colour Specifications

Externally: All our Rooflights are supplied in a Polyester Powder Coated finish. Polyester Powder Coating to BS EN 12206: 2004 Part 1 – painted in house in single or dual colour, and surface finish at 40 microns standard, or enhanced to 60 microns for marine environment.

Powder Coating is a cost efficient and easy way to apply an aesthetic finish, resulting in tough, uniform paint film with outstanding durability,corrosion resistance and looks. It is a Environmentally friendly alternative to solvent based paints. Life expectancy is 25 years.

Available in a range of 200 ral colours. Internally the rooflights can be left as their natural timber finish, stained or painted to the colour of your choice.

Aluminium Specifications

Our Rooflights are manufactured using sheet and extruded aluminium sections. The Cill and kerb sections are constructed using 16 and 18 gauge sheet aluminium, which is formed using power guillotines and presses. The fabrication being completed by fully welding joints (where possible) using the T.I.G welding process. Glazing Bars, Rafters, Pressure plates and Cover Caps are in extruded He9TF alloy. All aluminium sections are extruded using Aluminium Alloy 6060 or 6063 T6 to BS EN 755 part 9 2008. These incorporate drainage channels which vent and drain moisture externally.Neoprene and silicon gaskets are utilised ,and are self adhesive or located in holding grooves in the extrusion.

Other glazing options:

  • Self Cleaning
  • Tinted
  • Solar Reflective
  • Triple Glazing
  • Argon Filled Cavity

Glazing Specifications

All Rooflight Architectural Rooflights are supplied with Safety Glass sealed units. As standard these are composed of: 6mm Clear Toughened outer skin 12mm Cavity 6.4mm Clear Laminated Low ‘E’ inner skin. This standard specification gives an excellent balance of Strength, Thermal Efficiency and Cost. These units are very strong, the laminated glass being utilised as a ‘holding’ element in the unlikely event of the exterior Toughened pane being broken, the Laminated pane will hold the glazing in place.

Other glazing options:

  • SDouble Glaze 1.1 U Valve
  • Triple Glaze 0.6 U Valve
  • Self Cleaning Glass
  • Walk On Glass Rooflights
  • Glass Fins For Oversized & Structural Requirements

Flush Rooflight

A Flush fixed glazing system comprising powder coated external extrusion. Available with either double glazed or triple glazed units. Designed to be installed at between 3º and 70º from horizontal.

Available in either single or multipart format, the latter consisting of multiple sections of glazing. Flushglaze rooflights are designed to provide maximum daylight with minimal visible internal structure.

Hipped Installation

Forming the feature to a house extension, giving light and form to a simple structure. The narrow aluminium site lines enhance the appearance of any home.

Pyramid Rooflight

Pitched Roof Glazing on a flat roofed extension, transforms a box type structure into a real feature, giving light & vibrancy to the heart of the house, very cost effective.

Ridged Rooflight

Mono Pitch rooflights offer the benefit of maxamizing the potential of your unused loft or attic space, whilst charmingly transforming your home’s interior and exterior appearance.